Pushing Food Boundaries Over 40 Courses

By Amy Tildesley, Founder

Remember the Adria brothers from El Bulli fame? El Bulli was the number one restaurant in the world for many years and I was so disappointed to not be able to make it there prior to its closure 8 years ago. If you have watched the most recent season of the Netflix hit “Chef’s Table” there was an episode dedicated to the younger of the Adria brothers, Albert, who was the creative vision behind the restaurant and is the creator of many food innovations that have made their way into fancy kitchens all over the world (think foams, spheres….).

[Fangirling over Albert Adria]

The Netflix episode was about his new restaurant Tickets, which propelled it to insta fame and was one of the most difficult reservations to get in my recent trip to Barcelona. During my complete fangirl moment of meeting Albert Adria on the street outside Tickets (see above), I mentioned that I had been to his little known new restaurant earlier in the week, Enigma. Immediately his eyes lit up and he was surprised we had heard of it. As he spoke about it you could tell it is his passion project, and of the many restaurants I tried to get to over a month in Europe, Enigma was the most incredible experience & the most progressive food.

Over 40 courses served in multiple dining rooms (they moved us between different stations hosted by different chefs) Enigma is not for the faint of heart. You need a digital code to access the incredible space and no dietary restrictions are catered for at all. There are no menus, you turn up with an open mind and you’re taken on a journey of different preparations of food. They don’t tell you what you’re eating until after you’ve finished, which made for a fun game of trying to interpret and deconstruct the sensory experience.

[The Incredible Enigma Dining Room]

[First Station with Chefs preparing cured Anchovies]

[Transparent Bread Starter]

The menu is very seafood focused to hero local produce, and each course was the best type of challenging… new flavours and combinations of ingredients, new methods of cooking and most importantly, incredibly delicious. After our final course in the main dining room we were then taken to a speak easy bar at the back of the restaurant, via the storeroom (they lead you into the storeroom and it is all very confusing / exciting). In the bar we played a game to draw a random cocktail, and then began a dessert degustation right when we thought the evening was over…

Enigma is a restaurant for every foodie, an exceptional passion project by one of the world’s greatest chefs.