Great outcomes come from disruptive thinking. We've thrown out the research rulebook and approach every opportunity as a fresh and unique one.

Brand Territory &
Visual Identity
  • Competitor environment mapping & category semiotics

  • Brand territory testing to uncover a resonant, motivating & differentiated space for your brand​

  • Pack design direction & testing

We might use: Our in-house focus group rooms, quasi-experimental survey design, our in-house choice modelling expertise

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New Product
  • Cultural and category trend to determine platforms for NPD

  • Product concept testing

  • Sensory testing

We might use:  Depth interviews in consumer’s homes, monadic survey testing, in-home usability or central location testing

Price, Claim & Packaging Optimisation
  • Portfolio management to optimise brand, pack size, EDLP & promotional pricing strategy

  • Claim & variant testing for maximising appeal and reach

We might use:  Our in-house choice modelling expertise, maxdiff, multivariate models, TURF analysis

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Physical Environment & Catchment Canvassing
  • Observations & traffic counts

  • Intercept surveys on location (in-store, in catchment)

  • Accompanied shops / neighbourhood immersions


We might use:  In-store intercept surveys, depth interviews in-store (accompanied shops), mystery shopping, observational counts

Market Identification, Sizing & Monitoring
  • Brand health tracking

  • Customer experience tracking

  • Attitudinal and Behavioural Consumer Segmentation (including database integration)

  • Advertising pre-test (before launch), post-test (evaluation) and tracking

We might use:  Our unique brand equity measurement developed for FMCG, our in-house segmentation expertise, customised surveys & database attribution models

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