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Experiential Consumer Insight

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We help brands design the products and services that their consumers want and need. We partner with you to disrupt our collective understanding of the consumer’s reality, by getting close to the moments that expose their motivations and frustrations. Through qualifying and sizing opportunities for improvement and innovation, and facilitating the design journey, we empower you take action to optimise for growth.


We live and breathe food & entertainment. It is embedded in our culture and is the passion that connects us as a team.


Great outcomes come from disruptive thinking. We’ve thrown out the research rulebook and approach every opportunity as a fresh and unique one.

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We believe in cultivating a collective curiosity, engaging you not only to share the destination, but to bring you on the journey.

The Curator

Our capabilities

The Curator

To be truly consumer-centric, research needs to consider the broader social and cultural context of the business objective. When we’re curating, we are combing through the best of past and present. We’ll review and consolidate your business’s internal knowledge, bring in broader food, beverage, and retail trends, develop insight from big data and deliver all of this back to you by facilitating practical, hands on workshops.

  • Trend consolidation
  • Sales data integration
  • Tracking and segmentation
  • Discovery sessions


The Detective

Our capabilities

The Detective

Want to know what your current or potential customers think? Let’s talk to them. We’re masters at blending into the consumer’s world through immersion and interview. We’re also very aware that when customers tell us one thing, they might behave completely differently. So while we love to ask questions, we’re also quiet observers, able to capture insights from customers in their natural setting.

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Checkout to trash (product lifecycle mapping)
  • In-home consumer one-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Contextual inquiries


The Tour Guide

Our capabilities

The Tour Guide

We could tell you our insights, but we’d rather show you. We live and breathe all things food & beverage, and that means we’ll immerse ourselves in your research issue. Of course, we would love to take you along on the journey too. We can plan and host a range of activities to get you and your team off the beaten track and into the world of the consumer.

  • Service safaris
  • Synthesis workshops
  • Insights showcases
  • Co-piloting


The Alchemist

Our capabilities

The Alchemist

What better way to place consumers at the heart of what you do than to involve them in the creative process. We love to engage in alchemy, by driving innovation through experimentation and imagination. Ideating and iterating from the viewpoint of the end-user can identify untapped opportunities for product and service that can’t be found from behind a desk.

  • Ideation
  • Co-creation
  • Service role-play
  • Prototyping


The Auditor

Our capabilities

The Auditor

While we’re all for exploration and uncovering unexpected opportunities, at the end of the day we know you need to do your checks and balances. Scratch beneath the surface, and you’ll find we are serious data nerds that understand the business imperative for screening ideas and sizing opportunities, as well as the hands on know-how to crunch complex numbers.

  • Concept Screening
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Segmentation
  • Product and Price Optimisation




Foodies, explorers, researchers.


Coffee addict, traveleater, cookbook collector, research fanatic.

With a strong background in applied analytics and experience consulting to many of Australia’s top food & beverage manufacturers and retailers, Amy combines a love for food with an aptitude for data to generate category, product and retail insights.

BBus Mgmt, Marketing (Hons.)


    Amateur patissier, confectionary consumer, main grocery buyer, insights specialist.

    With a wealth of experience and a depth of understanding the challenges facing food and beverage businesses, Darrell has a keen eye for getting to the heart of what businesses need from research, and how to extract the most value from their investment.

    Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology (PhD)


      Unpaid restaurant reviewer, avid listener, urban walker, passionate quallie.

      Endlessly curious, and with a strong need to understand how people think and what they desire, Carolyn provides insights that are both culturally, and strategically relevant enabling businesses to make better decisions.

      BBus Marketing



        Food lover, maker, eater, critic and self-proclaimed movie geek.

        With a strong background in quantitative research and over a decade in hospitality, Thalia brings together a love of food with a passion for research.

        Thalia has broad experience across a range of methodologies, industries and clients with particular expertise in brand and communications, segmentation and all things FMCG.

        BBus, Marketing (Hons.)

          LUCY BUFTON

          Devoted designer, ready-meal reliant, promised a chef she would never take up cooking professionally.

          Lucy is an experienced Graphic Designer with a passion for bringing data to life through visual storytelling. She aims to ensure our research is delivered in an engaging and easily digestible format.

          BBus Marketing
          Diploma of Graphic Design


            Beloved baker, aspiring food stylist, broadsheet enthusiast, dressmaker turned passionate researcher.

            Experienced delivering a range of qualitative and quantitative projects for a host of retail clients. Jacqueline’s background in fashion and marketing sees her delight at creatively discovering and communicating insights and strategic recommendations.

            BBus, Marketing (Hons.)

              TYSON POWERLETT

              Global foodie, broad thinker, world traveller, self-proclaimed Michael Bublé enthusiast.

              With experience as an insights manager for KraftHeinz, Tyson has a creative approach to getting to the heart of research problems underpinned by client and agency side experience. His endless passion and enthusiasm for qualitative research fuels his ability to think creatively & strategically for clients.

              B.A (Psychology, Sociology)
              Honours (Sociology)

                MEET OUR EXPERTS

                Michelle Carr

                Strategy & Implementation Partner

                Described as a ‘nomad’ of international marketing, Michelle pushes Harvest past the traditional restraints of market research to the commercial heart of the business to drive growth.

                Kellie Lyons

                Qualitative Strategic Partner

                With an unrelenting drive to know and understand, Kellie combines traditional and transformative qualitative paradigms to bridge the gap between the unconscious motivations and conscious reality of consumers.

                Jessica Styles

                FMCG Specialist

                With over 13 years' experience managing some of Australia's most iconic brands, Jessica brings specialist grocery and client-side insight to Harvest.

                Thi Le

                Executive Chef

                Having worked at some of the most well-known fine dining restaurants in Australia, Thi is an inspired, inventive chef keeping Harvest at the forefront of menu and ingredient trends.

                Rebecca Downes

                Paediatric Dietitian

                Speciailising in sports nutrition, weight loss and paediatrics, Rebecca brings Harvest a strong understanding of how to talk about food & beverage with children and parents.

                Moise Leouzon


                Café proprietor with a passion for nutritional food. Moise brings Harvest an understanding of how consumer needs around provenance and sustainability are evolving in Australia.

                “Tell me what you eat, and I shall tell you what you are.”


                “You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans.”

                RONALD REAGAN

                “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


                “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”

                VIRGINIA WOOLF

                “A party without cake is just a meeting.”

                JULIA CHILD

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